Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Power House Museum - Isabella Blow: A Fashionable life Exhibition, Tanabata: Star village etc

If you have seen my previous Youtube video (, you'd probably know that I have mentioned about the Power House Museum. 

Personally I have been to the Power House Museum many times before, and it's still my favourite Museum in Sydney. This time I have decided to visit again due to 2 particular exhibitions: the Isabella Blow and Tanabata (Japanese legend) exhibition.

(LOL here's a quick picture of me standing randomly in front of the exhibition XD)

I'm mainly interested in the "Isabella Blow: A Fashionable life" exhibition due to the private collection of outfits from more than 20 of the world's top fashion designers, including Alexander McQueen (Isabella was actually the person who discovered this fashion designer), Philip Treacy etc. Even though I'm not too much of a fan of designer clothing, I have always loved to look at the elements included in their fashion, ie. beads, lace, unique patterns etc. The exhibition itself is on for a limited time until 28th August 2016, so I'm glad I got the chance to see them before they are gone.

Here's a brief introduction of Isabella Blow (extract from Power House Museum website):
"English stylist, editor and muse Isabella Blow championed British fashion, nurturing the careers of many designers in the 1990s and beyond. Isabella Blow: A Fashionable Life will provide a rare chance to see over 45 of her outfits comprising clothing, hats, shoes and jewellery from more than 20 of the world’s top fashion designers, photographs from key fashion photographers and hats from Philip Treacy’s personal archives."

I'm going to show you some of the photos I've taken at the exhibition, and I'll point out which were my favourites :D

This was the first piece I saw as I entered the exhibition and I was completely blown away! The Kimono jacket and the eyepiece were absolutely gorgeous, I totally loved the floral patterns on a completely black base. This was probably one of my favourite!

The eyepiece was by Philip Treacy from 2006, which was made from feathers and Swarovski crystals. The Kimono jacket, corset belt and skirt ensemble were by Alexander McQueen for Givenchy from A/W 1997.

I quite liked this one too, mainly because of the fierce colour :)

The headpieces were magnificent too!

I quite liked the top here, it's by Viktor & Rolf from A/W 1998.

Absolutely adore the headpiece here by Philip Treacy again from 2001, somehow it really reminded me of the movie Maleficent LOL.

I found this dress pretty amazing! I mean...just look at the beads on it!! It's by Alexander McQueen for Givenchy from A/W 1997. Yes! Definitely one of my favourite.

Load of red colour here at the exhibition :)

There were some videos playing at the background throughout the exhibition.

I've found 2 headpieces that seemed quite amusing to me, the first was simple but in unique shape, while the second one looked almost like a dancing snake.

The Isabella Blow exhibition was definitely worth the time to take a look, and I secretly daydreamed how I'd look in some of the outfits while browsing LOL.

The next exhibition we went to was the Tanabata: Star village at Powerhouse, with its last day on 17th July 2016.

Extract from Power House Museum website:
"Tanabata is a Japanese legend which celebrates the story of how two stars – Orihime (Vega), a heavenly princess who weaves clouds, and Hikoboshi (Altair), a cow-herder – came to fall in love and be in the sky."

Tanabata is also known as the "Star festival"meaning the evening of the 7th. It is a Japanese festival originated from the Chinese QiXi (七夕) festival, where these lovers separated by the milky way only meet once a year on July 7th of the lunisolar calendar.

I have heard this legend many times when I was a little kid, and I use to feel sorry for the lovers. Often I'd ask other adults of what happens when they miss each other too much?? LOL, now that I think about it...perhaps shooting stars are the tear drops from Orihime?? (oh excuse my imagination XD)

The Star Village installation consists of bamboos and colourful strings, along with beautiful music on the background.

We also get to write our wish on a Tanzaku wishing card and hang it on the structure, so here's one that I have done for the day.

There were also other activities such as Origami demonstration and interactive story telling, and this event was particular entertaining for the kids. The event was really amazing and a little romantic at the same time :) For those who doesn't know, sometimes Chinese also celebrate this day similar to Valentine's day, ie. all the proposal and confessions ^^

While I was at the Power House Museum, I thought I might as well have a quick look around too. Later I have found this Virtual Mars Yard which was a simulation that imitates the actual Mars yard.

I thought this was so cool!!! Anyone feeling like heading to Mars anytime soon?? Take me! LOL.

Here's a meteorite that dropped on fascinating?

I have always been interested at different phenomenons and theories about the Universe, somehow I always believed there are other life forms out there. Yes I believe in aliens and UFO, and at the same time I also believe in time travel :)

I then headed to the space where "Interface: People, machine, design" exhibition was on, and I mainly checked out the technology section.

Almost couldn't believe my eyes when I found a Tamagotchi!!! Seriously these were the best toy/technology ever invented back in the 90's!!! I remember my first one was a hot pink one that looked just like this, and I was literally playing with it 24/7. Unfortunately none of my Tamagotchi actually survived very long LOL.

Guys!!! The earliest generation of Nintendo Game Boy!!! OMG!!!!! *screams in excitement* Remember all those black-and-white days??

Here's a really old-school computer, it's so old that...I don't think I even got to use one of those?!

I have also walked past the "Recollect: ceramics" exhibition, although didn't stop much as I wasn't really into ceramics.

However, this peacock was absolutely stunning!! ^^

Here's an installation that's been here as far as I can remember and it was the Locomotive No.1, that began the era of steam travel back in 1855. Does this remind you of Harry Potter much?? :)

That's all for this visit at the Power House Museum, and it was definitely great to see those exhibitions and installations this time.

Next time if you are in Sydney Australia, make sure you do check this place out, it's such an interesting and interactive museum for everyone especially for families with kids!

Power House Museum website:


  1. Those high fashion pieces of clothing look so interesting! And wow that Mars simulation looks so cool. Looks like there's a lot to see there at the moment.

    1. *nodd* Power house museum is my favourite since they always have new exhibitions :D loved all the ones from this visit ~