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Kawaii Ph Book 1: Beyond the cutest dreams - Book review

Hi guys! Today I have a quick book review :)

I have been following Kawaii Japan Lover Me on social media since years ago, and it eventually lead me to follow certain individuals such as ChiChi. I was absolutely in love with everything from Kawaii Japan Lover Me and ChiChi's artworks!

Gradually I started finding out about Kawaii Philippines which was created for Filipinos who love and appreciate the Kawaii culture. I was attracted by the fact that they stated "Kawaii" is not just an expression/word, but a lifestyle. I really liked the perspectives of those adorable individuals as they look at life positively and how much they appreciate cute things in this world.

The fact that they are spreading the Kawaii culture this way was definitely something I'm strongly interested in, and thus I wanted to find out more about this movement. I then discovered this book that they have created called "Kawaii Ph book 1: Beyond the cutest dreams", and I knew I had to read this ^^

I received this book (Yes, along with 2 Meiji chocolates, thank you OMG! LOL they are my favourite chocolate apart from Kit Kat!) pretty soon after my order.

Here's an extract of the product description from Rainbowholic shop:

"Product Description

DREAMS, BELIEFS, ACTIONS AND HARD WORK  These four magical ingredients make up the very inspiring and motivating world of Kawaii Philippines. One of Kawaii Philippines’ aims is to empower more kawaii enthusiasts and to be more confident and open about their kawaii selves.
What’s so quirky about this book? The whole Kawaii PH team and their friends compiled a cohesive guide for fellow kawaii enthusiasts. This book makes up their stories, experiences, inspirations, blogs and actions to help spread what is the magical world behind kawaii. What are the other kawaii contents of the book?  “Beyond the Cutest Dreams” also has an interactive way of engaging the readers. The Kawaii PH team included pages that contain mini games and activities. You can also find do-it-yourself tutorials and dessert recipes in this 100-page kawaii book! All the proceeds from the books will go to the Kawaii Fund! (
Words by Micaela Cruz & Ysa Rodriguez"

Here's a photo of the first couple of pages, where they introduced what Kawaii and Kawaii Ph was all about. I really love how colourful and fun the designs were ^^

I've found 2 really inspiring quotes and I'm especially in love with the first one that says: All grown-ups were once children, but only few of them remember it.

If only we could all look at things from children's perspective again, this world would be a lot more colourful, fun, adventurous and happier.

Another reason I bought this book was because I was interested to read about individual stories, as somehow I always find those stories are more appealing to read. I enjoyed reading about their inspiration and motivation, and how they achieved their dreams. If there's anything I could say about this part, I guess I wished they included more stories and personal experiences in this book :)

This book also included some interactive and fun activities such as mini games, recipes, tutorials etc. This particular one was probably my favourite, since I just LOVE desserts! Again I would love to see more recipes and tutorials, or even just pictures of Kawaii food/desserts haha.

Also found some pictures of Kawaii school girls wearing uniform, and yea...I'll be forever in love with those sailor uniforms! I mean...who doesn't? They are just so adorable!

Of course there are much more interesting and cute contents in this book but these were just some of my favourite pages. I feel really glad to see such mission going on at other parts of the world, and I certainly wish one day it will happen in Australia too!

It will be great if people can see the importance of that "inner" Kawaii too, where we can all live the way we wanted and contribute happiness to this world ^^

Final thoughts
There were a lot of motivational and fun elements in this book, and you will get to know a little about each individuals who are part of this team. It was interesting to see different aspects and interpretations of "Kawaii" from each of them, although I wished there could be more personal Kawaii pictures too, such as food, travel, fashion etc. I guess this book is more of an introduction of this movement rather than going into too much details, so it would be good to have a read if that's what you are looking for. Hope to see more releases from them in the future!

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***This review is not sponsored, I have bought the product by myself and this post is solely based on my personal opinion***

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