Thursday, July 7, 2016

Petit Chara Sailor Moon Festival Edition Figures (Yukata Special) Review

Back in January 2016, I have pre-ordered this "Petit Chara Sailor Moon Festival Edition" figures. I have loved Megahouse's Petit Chara series ever since they started releasing, and this Yukata version was definitely something I wanted to obtain for my collection.

They have finally arrived now, half year later in July 2016 LOL. The packaging came in a box just like how it always had, with a display window at the front. There were 6 figures altogether including Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibi Moon and the Inner Senshi.

The side of the box came with a floral-shaped window which made it looked pretty cute!

Here's the back of the box, with photos of the set and the content etc. I really wish they could've came with the background (like you know, maybe the box itself can turn into the background by folding it up), but unfortunately only the figures were included.

After you open it up, the figures, joints and stands were sealed tightly in between 2 plastic parts and wrapped neatly.

Time to open them up!! Look how vivid they are?

Each figure came with a round stand and a joint to attach them together. The round stand also came with beautiful floral pattern for this set.

We can attach one end of the joint to the back of the head, and the other end to the round stand.

TA-DA!!! Here we go! You can actually move around the figure freely since it was a ball-shaped joint, the body and head can also move around a little bit.

Here's the front view of Sailor Moon in Yukata! Isn't she gorgeous??

All done! I loved how colourful they were, and each figure had their own cute element ^^ I'm especially in love with the Artemis hair accessory on Sailor Venus!

I think I loved Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon's Yukata the most, just because they were pink LOL.

I really liked the expressions on the Inner Senshi, and they also had different patterns on their round stands.

Overall I couldn't be happier with this set! Though I wish I had some prop or background to take photos with this set, since they look a little bland with the white background. I totally love their Yukata and this set definitely reminds me of Summer festivals (Matsuri) in Japan. I'd totally recommend this to any Sailor Moon/Anime fan/collector as they are such a cute set, and they look absolutely amazing on display.

I have originally Pre-ordered this "Petit Chara Sailor Moon Festival Edition" figures from Premium Bandai:

Now that they are sold out, you can probably find them on places like Yahoo Japan Auction, Mbok or Ebay. Here's the official term for this set in Japanese: "ぷちきゃら!美少女戦士セーラームーン みんなでお祭り編".

Thanks for reading guys^^ Hope you enjoyed my review~~

***This review is not sponsored, I have bought all products by myself and all review are solely based on my personal opinion***


  1. They look soooo cute!! I love the Artemis clip on Sailor Venus' head! I don't have this set but really enjoyed looking at the pics hehe.

    1. Yessss that Artemis clip is my fav too ^^ Glad you enjoyed looking at the pics :D I think any Megahouse Petit chara set of figures are really worth it to collect~

  2. awww sailormoon is my fave too. it's ike the first thing that got me love Japan for life haha XD i personally love usagi's kimono as it's the prettiest among all !

    have a great day ^^


    1. Lol! ikr? Sailormoon is the best!! ^^ it seems like alot of us started liking Japan due to awesome manga/Anime XD thanks for visiting my blog ~ hehe see you around :)