Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Ank Rouge Summer 2016 Lucky bag reveal (from Shibuya 109 netshop)

Hi everyone!! Today I have a reveal blog post about the Ank Rouge 2016 summer lucky bag ^^ This bag was bought from Shibuya 109 netshop and it was 5400 yen for 5 items.

The items came in a nice Ank Rouge shopper bag~ apparently there's definitely going to be an One Piece in here (woohooo!).

Here's the first item I've got which was an accessory piece. It was a vintage/gothic-looking necklace in bronze colour.

I really liked the combination of the small pieces on this Ank Rouge necklace, it's definitely a really cool necklace to wear.

This was the second item, an off-white short top in lacy material.

The top and bottom were a little frilly, which made this a really feminine piece. I'd imagine it to go well with both skirt or shorts/pants for a summer casual look.

The next item was a simple white T-shirt that says "Be my love" on it.

There were also 2 envelope prints that says "Hope all is well with you" on them, and there was a small black/white gingham bow on the top. It was such a cute piece of summer item, and I'd definitely wear it for casual outing in summer.

Here's the One Piece I've got from this Ank Rouge lucky bag, it came in a silver/grey colour with a slightly shinny material. There was a big bow at the front but it's still a very simple dress.

On the back it came in a corset design which could be tightened to fit smaller upper bodies. It was definitely a dress that could be coordinated in many ways, ie. with a jacket, jumper, cardigan, inner wear or simply on its own. 

The dress itself actually came with a lacy inner layer as well which was pretty neat. I actually never really wear grey colour, so this dress was a new addition of colour to my wardrobe. Though I can already think of a few Larme-inspired look with this...for eg. a black lacy inner wear? Or perhaps with a cardigan for a more elegant look. I feel that this dress can be suitable for smart-casual or even formal occasions, it all just depends on how I style it so I'm looking forward to experiment a little.

This white blouse was the last item in the Ank Rouge lucky bag, and also my favourite out of all. Normally the blouses I got were off-white or close to beige colour, but this was pure white colour. I definitely needed this in my wardrobe and it was such a nice style too!

You could actually tie a ribbon at the front, though they were not detachable.

The sleeves actually came in a sheer material with white polka dots on them (so cute!!). I totally loved this blouse, and it was great to add more short sleeve blouse to my wardrobe since I've been lacking them.

Overall I'm really glad all the items in this Ank Rouge lucky bag were actual summer items (instead of a mixture of season). I find the value of this Ank Rouge lucky bag was just about right, but I definitely think the Liz Lisa x Tokyo Kawaii Life one (video/blog post is coming soon) was more worth it in comparison. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this reveal blog post ^^ See you soon~~

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