Sunday, August 28, 2016

Dubai, UAE travel diary - Sunset Desert Safari with BBQ dinner

Back a few years ago, me and hubby decided to visit Dubai UAE. After seeing Disney films such as Aladdin and Anime such as Doraemon in childhood, I have always wanted to see what nightfall looks like in an Arabian desert. Later on I watched "Sex and City 2" movie, and that was when I started to consider about going to UAE with hubby.

We have mainly gone around with a tour in Dubai, and there was this particular one which left a great impression on us. It was a sunset desert Safari with BBQ dinner, and we had heaps fun so I really wanted to share the experience with all of you.

On this day, we first arrived at the desert for a 4WD adventure on the sand dune. I wasn't sure what to expect, but the tour guide said it was something similar to a roller coaster.

Weeeeeeeeeee~~~ off we went with driving up and down along the sand dune! It was quite fun actually, but a few people couldn't handle it and decided to come out of the car after a while. Luckily me and hubby didn't get dizzy or feel nauseated during the ride, we both enjoyed the excitement very much. I probably would only recommend this activity to relatively younger people and people who doesn't suffer from motion sickness or anything, otherwise it could be a bit painful throughout the ride.

We then arrived at our campsite, where we would spend the afternoon and evening there along with dinner and more activities. I really loved the fact we were all sitting on the ground and sharing tables, and then later enjoyed the campfire under the stars.

We climbed up a really high sand dune, getting ready to enjoy the sand boarding activity. To be honest, I was TERRIFIED!! I am someone who is afraid of height, and this was certainly something I was a little reluctant to do. Though since I was there, I decided to give it a go anyway...and yea, I was literally screaming my way down and everyone from the campsite probably heard me LOL.

Here's the view at about half way on the sand dune.

There were little stores like this that sells colourful sand art in bottles, we thought they were really cool so we bought some as souvenirs.

Of course, there were Shisha available on the campsite too! It was actually the very first time we tried Shisha, and it made everyone relaxed and started chatting about how much fun we had so far. The Shisha we tried was apple flavour so it wasn't too strong, and it was more for an experience.

When it was sunset time, me and hubby decided to go for a camel ride. Look at how relaxed this camel is!! LOL.

I think everyone enjoyed this activity, and the view was simply amazing. At that moment I truly felt all my childhood fantasies have come true!

Another fun activity I've tried was the Henna Tattoo, and they did a simple flower pattern with some twirls. Again this was my first time, and I found it very amusing at the ink they've used and how it turned out. I think they lasted for about less than a week, so I pretty much had fun with it on my arm for the rest of the trip.

Here is my plate of food for dinner, there were BBQ meat, potato, Naan bread, curry on rice and some vegetables. Overall they were simple but fit into the atmosphere really well, as we really enjoyed eating along with lots of other people.

After dinner, we got to watch some local dance performances. This man here pretty much spun around for the whole dance, and  it was so pretty to watch the colourful costume as the night approached.

The dance was amazing, haha although it could be a little dizzy or hypnotizing after staring at him for awhile.

The next performance was a belly dance by this gorgeous Arabic woman, and it really added a sense of mystery with that mask on her initially.

She was extremely good at balancing objects on her head too LOL. By this stage, everyone were absolutely excited by the music and the overall vibrant atmosphere. When the night completely arrived, we took a look upon the stars above us and it was one of the best moment ever in our lives.

Even after a few years, I still kept telling people how much I miss that night at the Arabian desert. I could almost feel the heat from the campfire again, along with the smoke of BBQ and people's laughter. Whenever people go to Dubai UAE, I'd always recommend them to take a tour there. It was an amazing experience that can't be explained by words and phrases, you have to see and experience it on your own to understand the magic behind it :)

We went through a local tour at the time, but if anyone's interested then here's a similar tour on Expedia.

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Expedia - Sunset Desert Safari with BBQ dinner


  1. Wow these photos look really great! I really liked the photo of the people riding camels in the dusk. Was it really hot when you went?

    1. Thanks :) that was one of my favourite photo from the trip ^^ it was actually still ok when we went, which was around April, just quite dry but not too hot. We heard it gets really hot later on like around June-July.

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    1. Thanks for reading my post :) I really loved the whole package and that day is still the most memorable travel experience for me up to date :)

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