Friday, August 5, 2016

JapanFunBox Candy and Snack Subscription - Mini Box (2016) Review

Hi guys ^^ Today I have an exciting Japanese Snack subscription box to share with all of you!

Recently JapanFunBox has contacted me to send me a Mini Box for review and I was really looking forward to this!

For those of you who are not very familiar with JapanFunBox, they are a Japanese Candy and Snack subscription company based in Osaka. They have 3 options available for their subscription boxes at the moment and all comes with free worldwide shipping:

*Mini (5-7 items)
*Original (15-20 items with 1 DIY kit and 1 Special item which could be Gachapon toy, drink, Japanese toy etc)
*Family (25-30 items with 2 DIY kit and 2 Special items)

Here's the Mini box I have received from JapanFunBox, and I can't wait to open it and show you guys what I've got!!

The items were packed neatly with a red cover, and you get an explanation sheet inside as well for each of your item (They also have included the content for the Original box for comparison).

Alrighty! Let's see what's in my Mini Box then!!

1. Alfort bite-size Chocolate biscuit

The first item I got was this Alfort bite-size chocolate biscuit, and it seemed really delicious from the description!

The package comes in a nice blue flat box where you can easily open from one end.

There's another golden package inside, and you can slide the biscuits out on a brown paper tray once you open the package. Unfortunately it seemed like the chocolates have melted a bit from the mailing process, so the patterns were a little difficult to identify. I did actually expect this so I didn't mind it, but just thought I'd mention this if anyone may be disappointed from their imperfect appearance for future references.

The chocolate biscuit itself was absolutely amazing! In fact when I tasted this, I knew immediately this was something I'd definitely buy again if I get a chance. The chocolate was really milky and rich, and it complimented the soft biscuit really well. I literally couldn't stop eating this after one bite!!

2. Grape flavour whistle candy with secret toy box

The second item from the Mini Box was something I'm quite familiar of, and it was the Whistle candy in grape flavour. Though I was a little surprised to see a secret toy box that came with it, as I don't remember seeing that along with the Whistle candies I had in the past.

The candies came in light purple colour, and they were sealed along with the secret toy box.

It's basically in a shape of a donut, and you place it in between your lips and the whistling sound comes out when you blow on it. I remember I used to be quite addicted to those when I was a kid, since we tend to annoy each other with the whistling sound LOL.

What I was really curious though, was this tiny box! Let's see what's inside... was a yellow toy ring!!! I feel I would have loved seeing something like this as a kid! It doesn't look too bad on me does it? ^^

3. Potato chips

On the description here it said the third item was a Pizza potato chips and it seemed like this potato chips was exclusive to/made in Japan.

Although I actually received what seemed like an original flavour potato chips, which came in a yellow packaging.

I've actually ate something like this before, and I remember how obsessed I have always been with those Japanese potato chips. To be honest I actually prefer original potato flavour than any others, but it would probably be nice to try something a little more adventurous.

What I have always liked about the Japanese potato chips was that they were very finely cut, and it almost felt like they could melt into your mouth instantly and yet still maintained that slight crunchiness. This one was exactly like how I imagined, and I honestly couldn't get enough of this and wished for more!

4. Tomato Pretz

I'm sure we all heard of Pretz, but how many flavours are really out there? This next item I got was a Tomato and green vegetable flavour, in which I never tried before.

There were actually 2 packs in the box, just incase I can't get enough of them :P

Let me just say...this was something I probably wouldn't buy on my own since I'm not a big fan of vegetable-flavour snacks, and I usually just eat the chocolate or strawberry flavour Pretz. But if you are someone who love Tomato flavour snacks, this would be perfect for you! The tomato taste was quite strong, and also it came with a hint of green vegetable (almost like parsley) scent. Despite the fact I'm not totally in love with this, it was still pretty awesome to try a completely new Pretz flavour!

5. Ume-pachi (Plum popping candy)

OMG when I saw the next item on the list, I was really excited!! I loved those popping candy when I was a kid, and I always had a lot of fun eating them ^^ This one called Ume-Pachi might be an adventure for my tongue as it highlighted the fact it's a new texture.

I thought the packaging was really adorable, and I love how it was in pink colour LOL.

If you guys look closely, there were tiny white pieces and those totally emitted a strong plum taste! It was quite interesting to see this mixture, and it definitely added depth to its taste. I also loved how the popping candy came in bigger pieces than usual, which meant...PARTY IN MY MOUTH!!! LOL not exaggerating here, I thought it would never stop popping!

6. Shuwabou (Fizzy Lemon/Orange candy)

I actually didn't know what this last item was, as I don't remember seeing something like this before. The description said it was an orange/lemon candy with bubbly powder inside which make you feel like you are drinking a coke.

I really liked the vivid packaging though, and I'm guessing those little cute drawings were...octopus? LOL.

The candy came in a semi-soft and chewy texture, and it was split into orange and lemon flavour. Though the lemon flavour definitely had a more dominant taste here.

After the first bite, I saw some white powder at the center of the candy. The powder was very fizzy, which created a fun sensation in my mouth just like when I drank bubbly beverage. Quite amusing I'd say!

I absolutely loved my Mini Box!! Though of course, I craved for more LOL. I liked the fact there was a variety of snacks in there, ie. a balance of sweet and savoury snacks. Also I do think the items included here were pretty unique and I probably wouldn't have discovered them on my own.

If I was to give scores for those snacks, it would probably look similar to below:

Creativity: Ume-pachi and Shuwabou (I gave top creativity scores to those 2, just because I find them truly innovative and fun)
New: Tomato Pretz (This was a totally new flavour for me!)
Best flavour: Alfort bite-size chocolate biscuit (Yep, no words could describe how much I loved the taste of this one)
Nostalgic: Grape flavour whistle candy with secret toy box (The top nostalgic score definitely goes to this one, it really brought the childhood silliness and memories back)
My favourite: Potato chips (I might be a little biased but I have always loved Japanese potato chips ^^)

If we take a look at the rest of the explanation sheet that was included, we could see what extra items I could've got if I subscribed to the Original box:

Seriously all my attention went to the One Piece stationary set when I saw the list LOL! I'm a huge One Piece fan if you didn't know, and I'm sure all the One Piece fan would be delighted if they had subscribed to this box ^^ I was also interested in the DIY kit (first item highlighted in red) and went to check out a Youtube video, apparently you can make a little tree with edible gummy! There are also items I've never seen before such as the Strange Gum 2 (like what?? You can combine the flavours??) and Bottle Sour. In addition, the chocolate items and that Meiji Watapachi Melon soda seemed absolutely delicious!

As I have stated at the beginning, JapanFunBox does have 3 subscription options available. Personally I felt the Mini Box is only suitable for those who never tried a subscription box before and curious to see what it's like before any commitment. But if you are seeking the real fun, I'd imagine the Original Box to be quite perfect. It includes just enough items to keep your taste bud occupied, but also gives you surprises and fun factors from the DIY kit and Special item. Lastly if you are looking to share the box with family, group of friends or work colleague, a Family Box might be the best choice as it include a lot more items. It also include double the amount of DIY kit and Special items than the Original Box to keep everyone happy.

A lot of people would probably wonder...value-wise, is it worth it? I guess it really depend on what you are looking for in those subscription boxes. Personally, I enjoy the fun and surprising factors, and I feel it's worth it as you get to discover new products every time. I value the entertainment part of those subscription boxes more than the actual items, as it's almost like getting a present from Santa every month ^^

If you are interested, please click below to get your own subscription box today!

Thanks for reading everyone!! I certainly hope you enjoyed this post ^^

*Please note this Mini Box was sent to me from JapanFunBox, though all the review are based solely on my personal opinion.


  1. Oooh nice review! I like the idea of plum popping candy haha and also the secret toy box sounds pretty cute :)

    1. Lol yea the popping candy was extra strong here XD pretty surprised to see a tiny toy box, something new^^