Thursday, September 1, 2016

Brunch at The Picnic Burwood Cafe

On one of the weekdays, me and hubby went around Burwood area for brunch at "The Picnic Burwood". It was stated to be located at the corner of Park Avenue and Burwood Road, but actually it was just in the middle of Burwood park. What an awesome location!

The park itself was very peaceful and family-friendly. It wasn't hard to spot "The Picnic Burwood", as it was the only building that looked like a cafe there ^^

"The Picnic Burwood" was a very popular cafe indeed, and there were a lot of mums and babies there on this particular day. We arrived just before the line started building up at the entrance.

100% whole pressed fruit and vegetable juice!!! We liked the sound of that.

The entrance of "The Picnic Burwood" cafe was full of plants and flowers, which gave a really nice "Spring" vibe (oh god how much I miss Spring!). I love it when a cafe seems environmental-friendly and full of green plants, and this place definitely had the decorations I liked in my mind. 

The cafe itself was outdoor with a rooftop cover, and the tables and chairs were in simple and classic white wood. Though due to the fact there were a lot of children and babies around, it wasn't so much of a quiet cafe LOL. We didn't mind it too much though, since we are going to be parents soon so this might be a little preview of what life could be like afterwards :P

I had my mind set on the "Not so French" toast before we came, so I didn't have a hard time trying to decide what to eat. On the other hand, my hubby had fun browsing back and forth with numerous the end he picked "The Schnitz" with string fries.

Watermelon and Lychee Juice

We decided to share a fresh juice and keeping it light. This "Watermelon and Lychee Juice" was an excellent choice as it was very refreshing and not too sweet.

The Schnitz - House made chicken schnitzel with a slaw of kohlrabi, shaved celery, beet root, carrot and parsley. Served with Chamoy Aioli and string fries (or Sweet potato chips +$1)

This was my hubby's brunch, and he loved it so much with the sauce. The schnitzel was well-cooked with the right amount of crunchiness, and the string fries and salad on the side have perfectly complemented the whole dish.

Not so French - Coco Pop coated French toast with watermelon, mascarpone, seasonal fruits, chocolate crumb and Persian fairy floss

When I saw this before we went here, I was madly in love with its presentation and the sound of its ingredients! It was probably one of the most innovative French toast I've ever had, as there were so much textures and flavour to it. The toast itself was actually sitting on top of a chunky piece of watermelon, which made the taste really interesting in a way. Due to the moisture of the watermelon, the French toast turned somewhat soft, and surprisingly they combined quite well. Not to mention the extra love for its Coco Pop coating!! I also enjoyed the bits and pieces surrounding the toast, and it was somewhat amusing to squeeze out that tiny tube of syrup. There were sweetness, crunchiness, stickiness, soft and mushy bits, combination of warm and cool sensations, and hints of saltiness...I was pretty satisfied after this LOL.

"The Picnic Burwood" is definitely somewhere we'd like to go again, just to try out different dishes on the menu. I have become far more interested in Cafe food, brunch, desserts and High Tea in the recent years, so it was really satisfying to find some good food like these in a local area.

The Picnic Burwood Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Opening hours: 
Tue to Sun 8am - 4pm (Closed on Mon)
Corner of Park Ave and Burwood Rd (at Burwood Park), Burwood, Sydney
Phone number:
02 9745 1034

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