Friday, September 9, 2016

Preparation for a journal

Hi guys^^ Today I'm just writing a post about my preparation items to start a journal. Feel free to use this as a reference/guide for your own, but of course there are way more items/tools out there which can be used as well.

The first item I have prepared is a journal itself, it's a very simple one with green leaf patterns and comes in about 160 (128 blank) pages. I've purposely used a relatively smaller size at 132 x 183 mm, as I'm not planning to fit too much into each page. I hope to use this as a future baby journal, so each page shall be enough to document an important moment/day.

I have also prepared 2 patterned scissors, incase I need to cut pictures/photos and add a bit of artistic side to them. 

Obviously I will need tools to write on the journal, so I've prepared different kind of pen as well. Here I have a set of crayon, a 10 pack colour pen I've found in DAISO, a multicolour ball pen, a felt pen and some pastel colour pen. I'd mainly use them for writing, doodling, and decorating purposes for each page, and hopefully they will make each page look really pretty LOL. 

I've also prepared a bunch of cute stickers, and they range from adorable characters to simple patterns. I'd definitely go a bit crazy over these stickers, as I love using them to decorate! My favourite one so far are the Gudetama stickers, so I'll be looking forward to use those quite often ^^

(On the side note, I really want to include some drawings of "Bun" into this journal LOL if you haven't seen my creation of "Bun", you can see it here:

The other bunch of decorating tools I plan to use are the Washi tapes or Masking tapes. I've prepared a lot of patterned ones and a few with Sanrio characters (though somehow I ended up with more pink colours LOL). These can be used to create borders or break lines, and I'm quite looking forward to see how they turn out.

Some other extra decoration items I've prepared are the sticky notes, in here I have My Melody, Little Twin Star and Rilakkuma ones. Most of them comes in quite tiny sizes so they can pretty much serve the same purpose as stickers. With the slightly bigger ones or ones with more space, I can probably write a few summary points or notes on them.

One of the essential tools in my opinion, is the Instax camera and films. To be honest I'm more of a picture/photo person (thus I love Instagram so much LOL), so I'd love to add in Instax photos into my journal. I'm really excited to document each moments with this pink Instax I had, and it will be great to look back on it in the future.

The very last few items I've prepared are the drawing/pattern templates, as I thought they may come in handy when I get too lazy to draw or I just need some simple graphics LOL.

I got most of the decoration tools/items from Taobao using Taobaoring as shipping agent.
Shop link:

I'm really hoping to start on this journal very soon! Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions ^^ Otherwise please look forward to them as I will try to post some pages here and on social media in the future ^^

Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow you got so many cute decoration items!! The drawing templates are a great idea - I remember I loved using those as a kid :) And that pink Instax camera has caught my eye (I'm going to add that to my xmas wish list lol!)

    1. Hehe thanks ^^ I remember using them as a kid too and had fun XD Hopefully those will be good enough to get me going for awhile~~ you should get the Instax camera too!