Sunday, January 1, 2017

Etude House Tint My Brows Gel Review (2 hours + test)

First of all...HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! I am back on my blog again, on the first day of 2017! ^^

Today I have a review of Etude House Tint My Brows Gel for you, as I have finally decided to give this a try after the hype from ages ago.

They have 7 different shades, and I bought mine in "Brown" which was probably the closest colour to match with my dark hair.

The instruction on the back of the packaging is pretty much self-explanatory. Though this review today is solely based on testing the effect of the product after 3-4 hours of application (I may do another one in the future for overnight test).

This is what the tube looks like inside, you screw open the top black lid and then apply the gel onto your brows.

Here is a comparison of before and after application (LOL I really don't have much eyebrow).

At this stage after application to both brows (I've used an eyebrow template here to apply, you may also draw the outline with an eyebrow pencil and then colour it in with the gel), I realised I started to look like Crayon Shinchan LOL. I was quite skeptical while checking out the mirror, and wondered what have I done to myself XD

I've waited for about 3-4 hours after application (the instruction said at least 2 hours) for them to dry up, and then I started peeling...very carefully. Yes, beware of this step as the gel can be a little sticky and you may peel bits of your original eyebrow out. 

The peeled gel shall look something like mixture of seaweed and worm-like looking object? LOL.

Here's a comparison of before and after peeling the gel off, and to be honest I was quite pleased with the result.

Both sides are done! What do you guys reckon?

Here's the corner of one eyebrow which turned out pretty good!

Later that night I went to shower and washed my face with water, so I decided to have a look at the brows again afterwards. 

The tint still seems visible, however the corners did fade a little. The middle bit seems a little lighter too, but it's actually looking more natural than before.

Here's a close-up of one brow, so you guys can see the top corner has faded a little.

In the end, I'm actually curious of the result if I have waited more hours or overnight. To be honest, even with 3-4 hours, the result wasn't too bad after washing. The tint then turned light brown after 2-3 days and completely faded by day 4.

- Natural-looking tint
- Easy to apply
- Convenient and light packaging
- Wide range of shades
- Dry up completely and not too hard to peel (after minimum time)
- Easy to fix mistakes (can be wipe off before they dry up)

- Has a similar scent as hair dye
- Doesn't come with any eyebrow templates (ie, either get your own or draw up the shape you want)
- Short duration

Product link:

***This review is not sponsored, I have bought the product by myself and all review are solely based on my personal opinion***

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