Saturday, January 21, 2017

Japanese lucky bag haul 2017 Part 1: Lizmelo fukubukuro

Hi everyone! I have just received all the Japanese lucky bags I've pre-ordered this year and I can't wait to show you guys what's inside them! Every year around new year time, many shops in Japan would do this "Fukubukuro" event. They are basically lucky bags that contain numerous items inside, which then add up to exceed the cost of the lucky bag itself, ie. a 10800 yen lucky bag containing 6 items that add up to be more than 30000 yen.

This year I've managed to pre-order 3 fashion-related fukubukuro online inwhich I am extremely happy and excited about (they are usually released around November)! In this post I'm going to show you the first one which is a Lizmelo lucky bag (32400 yen) from TokyoKawaiiLife.

This fukubukuro comes in a carry-on size suitcase in pale pink colour, along with a side security lock, 2 handles and 4 wheels. The pattern includes My Melody, flowers and strawberries which is very cute! I'm actually really happy to get a suitcase with hard cover as I know it would be more durable for any domestic/international trips. The suitcase itself is very easy to carry and glide around, and I love the fact there's a security lock where you set up a 3-digit pin on the side.

The One Piece was actually revealed on the website before I pre-ordered, and it was also known that there were 7 items inside including a coat, top, bottom, accessory, cardigan, camisole and the Lizmelo One Piece. When I opened up the suitcase, everything were piled up neatly under the straps, waiting to be opened one by one HAHA.

The accessory that was included in the fukubukuro was a My Melody charm with Liz Lisa tag attached. Unlike the previous collaboration ones, this charm only has her head rather than the body as well.

Here we have a white top with sailor collar and a detachable bow, it pairs up with the Jumpskirt as one of the coordinate from this lucky bag. I actually really like this top as it's quite simple and easy to match with a lot of the clothes I have.

I've actually expected this type of coat to be included in the fukubukuro, and ofcourse, it is Beige colour LOL. The coat itself is really warm and soft, and it comes with a furry collar too. I'd imagine this to be good for winter, although I really did wish it was in another colour.

I can never have enough white cardigans, and surprisingly this was just what I need! A plain white cardigan with simple buttons, which can be suitable for many occasions. I am very happy with this and will definitely wear this quite often.

I actually didn't expect a pink My Melody jumpskirt, and to be honest...I was never really a fan of jumpskirt LOL. Though this one can easily become a skirt with detachable straps, and most of all, it comes with the same pattern as the One Piece included in the fukubukuro as well.

A very simple white camisole with a small bow at the front, and this was pretty much expected every year. Although I didn't know I was going to get 2 of these at once LOL (will show you later in the Liz Lisa lucky bag). These however, were slightly uncomfortable for me (could be just me) as I find the cut around the bust area a bit too tight and they were not very flexible. Nevertheless they would always be useful for layering purpose in Autumn/Winter seasons.

One Piece:
Lastly, there was this pink My Melody One Piece dress which was already revealed on the release date. Frankly speaking, this made up 50% the reason of why I got this fukubukuro LOL (The other half being the suitcase AHAHAHA). It is just as beautiful as all other Liz Lisa x My Melody collaboration dresses, and the pattern here were certainly super adorable!

Overall, I think this was a really good lucky bag especially as I have missed out on the past hard case suitcases. I like the fact that nothing was too surprising, and also the fact they included Lizmelo designs here. The only thing I can say is probably in terms of value-wise...the lucky bag itself is on the quite expensive side, and it may seem overpriced when you compare it with previous years. That being said, it depends on how each person saw the items in there. Some may dislike it due to the plain items, some may love it because of the variety. Personally, I liked the items included even though some may not be suitable for me, so I do think the value is still acceptable.

I'd definitely try to find some time to take OOTD photos with these items, and if you are interested then you can always follow me on Instagram @mintyminad.

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PS: I will also release a Youtube video at the end of all 3 blog posts for any close-up shot of the items.


  1. That jumpskirt is everything!!

    Good point about converting it to a skirt :)

    That keychain is too precious!

    The items are surprisingly plain, but I agree that the case and the OP make the case a great one :D

    1. Haha yea, I find I get a lot of plain pieces from fukubukuro these days which in a way...could be a good thing to match with variety of other items :D I really love the patterns this time on the op and suitcase so yup, sold! XD

  2. The MM dress is really cute! I also really like the coat - I like the colour - like a light beige? It seems practical.

    1. Ya loved the pattern :) the coat is nice too and quite warm haha shall be good for winter here I guess~