Sunday, January 22, 2017

Japanese lucky bag haul 2017 Part 2: Liz Lisa fukubukuro

Hi guys, this shall be Part 2 of my lucky bag haul from this year :) Here I have another fukubukuro from TokyoKawaiiLife and it's from Liz Lisa. If you are interested in the Lizmelo lucky bag then please click HERE (Those 2 were the only lucky bags released from Liz Lisa this year).

The Liz Lisa lucky bag this year was a lot more low-key, and the outer and the bag itself were revealed on the release date. This fukubukuro is 10800 yen and it contained 4 items in total including an outer, a camisole and 2 one pieces. The bag itself comes in satin pink colour with double zipper (you can hook a lock on it), and its size seems quite good for a carry on bag.

I actually bought this fukubukuro mainly because of this coat, as it looked very mature and polish to me. I find these chester coat to be quite popular in 2016 and thought about getting one myself. This particular one here comes in a very soft material, along with 2 pockets with bows. I'd imagine this whole fukubukuro is more focused on slightly more mature styles, so this coat was something perfect to start with.

This is actually exactly the same as the camisole I got from my Lizmelo lucky bag LOL, no surprise? As I said on my last post, sadly this didn't fit me too well due to its tightness.

One Piece 1:
This is one of the one piece included in the fukubukuro and it's definitely my favourite item here! I love how subtle the pattern on this dress is, and the colour combination of yellow and red roses. The material is quite thin so I'd say it's definitely a summer dress, and the style seems very elegant and mature which would be perfect when dress up with "Otona Kawaii" style. 

One Piece 2:
This one piece wasn't as exciting as the previous one, though it is indeed a very versatile one. This white knit one piece would definitely come in handy during Autumn/Winter seasons, and it would make a great casual piece due to its simplicity. 

I find this lucky bag is a lot more casual and slightly more mature, and everything included were suitable for a wider range of age group and body type. It was great that they had 2 one pieces included which suits 2 different seasons. These items may be a lot more plain in comparison, but I feel they can definitely be more useful too. 

Again, I will try to do OOTD pictures on my Instagram, so please follow me @mintyminad if you are interested!

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PS: I will also release a Youtube video at the end of all 3 blog posts for any close-up shot of the items.


  1. The contents all seem really nice and would match a lot of other items quite easily without to much trouble.

    1. Yea I agree :) very versatile items here in this fukubukuro