Monday, January 9, 2017

S'Age Bistronomy Birthday Dinner

Awhile ago, I have celebrated a quiet birthday with my hubby at S'Age Bistronomy. It appealed to us due to its creative dishes in which many looked like artworks, and also more economical for a degustation menu comparatively.

It was a hot summer evening, but inside was actually pretty cool along with jazz music and mixture of restaurant and bar seating. We then asked to have the degustation menu which included 9 courses.

Bread, butter and salt

The meal has started with a single bread, along with some butter and salt. The bread was actually softer than we'd imagined.

Next we had Chef's selection of 2 snacks as below:

Apologies that I don't remember the full ingredients from these snacks, but I think this one here is made of squid ink and edible flowers ^^ I thought this composition was very pretty as it remind me of some artwork.

These small tarts were absolutely delicious! They were made from corn and popcorn pieces, some interesting combination of textures here too.

Amaebi sweet prawn, horseradish, Jerusalem artichoke

The prawns here were very tender, along with the crunchy bits and pieces of horseradish and Jerusalem artichoke. They were such a cooling combination and certainly gave that refreshing touch. 

Smoked crocodile, raw asparagus, buckwheat

We were both very interested in the sound of "smoked crocodile" LOL the flavour somewhat turned out to be similar to Turkey and the texture was very spongy. This dish turned quite light, but still an amusing one.

Cauliflower, parsley and koji emulsion, spiced sour cream

Yes we eat Cauliflower very often, but how often do they get to be this fancy? The Cauliflower here tasted amazing along with the spices and sauce, more importantly they were cooked just the right level of softness.

Smoked oyster and kangaroo tartare, plum powder

This was another interesting dish we remembered, as the Kangaroon tartare was actually covered by an oyster shell initially (so we have no idea where was the tartare). At first I was a little doubtful about the tartare as I don't eat raw food very often, however, it actually turned out really nice. The tartare was very tasty with the hints of different ingredients, and I'm sure anyone would've loved its presentation too.

Roasted Barramundi, Tuscan leaf wrapped, kale puree, zucchini flower

I found it quite different for the Barramundi to be wrapped up in Tuscan leaf, while its steam peeked through the surface secretly. It was beautiful, though we both find the crispy skin more appealing.

Seared Venison, purple carrot, spiced rhubarb

This dish was indeed a good one, or perhaps the best out of all. We never knew Venison (deer meat) could taste so juicy, it was literally a "melt-in-the-mouth" moment. We loved this dish along with the different ingredients used to compliment the final taste.

Whipped ricotta, raspberry and malt syrup, feuilletine

When there is a good meal, I'd look forward to the dessert the most. However, this time I'm just a little disappointed. Perhaps because of its rich texture, we didn't find this dessert delicious despite of its pretty appearance.

Cherry and basil, red wine tuille, pink peppercorn meringue

This dessert actually made up for the tiny disappointment with the last one, and ofcourse, a "Happy Birthday" dish is always delightful ^^ I loved each layer of this dessert and made a really good birthday wish too.

S'age Bistronomy Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Opening time:
Tuesday - Sunday
Lunch: 12pm - 3pm
Dinner: 6pm - 10.30pm
308 Pacific Highway, Crows Nest, NSW 2065
Phone number:
02 9906 7736


  1. Oh wow, Kangaroo Tartare sounds very adventurous! I'd like to try that one day. They put a nice touch on the birthday dessert ^^

    1. Haha it was adventurous indeed XD but turned out surprisingly good! Yea the birthday message was really thoughtful :)