Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Spring Inspo - Larme 026 March 2017 selective scans

Hi there :) Recently I've bought the 26th Larme magazine and there were a lot of inspiration for spring in this edition, so today I'd like to share a small selection of fashion and beauty pages inwhich I find interesting ^^ I have purchased this magazine from Amazon Japan, please do support the original magazine if you like these scans.

The cover was pretty as usual, I really liked the combination of red and white colour and as well as her hair style.

Some interesting outfits here involving lavender colour, they look quite good with black I must say.

One of the style that I've seen often in Larme was French-inspired girly style, and certainly a good combination would be red with denim. I absolutely adore the outfit on the left of this page, it's so feminine and neat.

The next few pages of Risa looks absolutely gorgeous, again we get to see some denim and red combinations.

There were some red mix with black and white combinations as well, but I feel denim still looks the best with red.

These outfits demonstrated the difference in styling from winter and spring, but to be honest I can't help it but loved all the outfits here LOL.

Some more casual styles from winter and spring here, and I quite like the plaid skirt.

Here are some comparison of mini and long skirts, and it is indeed interesting to see the difference of vibes coming from each outfit. Personally I'd love to try that long leopard pattern skirt, as I feel it looks really posh but also with a bit of mischief. 

I love pastel colour for Spring, and they go really well with white colour. Though I'd love to try grew with pastel pink sometimes in the future, it seems very mature and elegant.

Here we have demonstrations of one item being worn in different styles. I'm often inspired to do my own version of these, as it really helps to see the number of outfits I can actually create with a certain item. Sometimes all you need is just one key item, and it can last you many seasons and suits numerous occasions.

I had to admit the very last time I have worn punk style was back in high school LOL! While I don't seem to be interested in full punk style anymore, sometimes I'd love to add certain element to balance an outfit. For eg. a black leather jacket combined with a cute lacy dress, ie. so the whole outfit isn't too sweet but also with some coolness. This year I'd especially be interested in adding fishnet stocking into styling and I'm looking forward to use a lot of black colour too.

Here's a page of Swankiss spring collection, and oh my god I love those fluffy shoes!!!

I took a close up scan of some of the accessories from this page. Like seriously, anything with heart and lip shapes and patterns would grab my attention immediately! I'd love to have the heart shape sunglasses in that lavender colour ^^

Usually I don't look too much into the makeup/skincare sections as I mainly purchase Larme for fashion inspo. However, it is always nice to watch some of the trends and recommended products. In here they had makeups inspired by chocolates...mmm yummy!

I love how they included lists of top 3 makeup products for different part of the face. I have spotted this pink sparkly Addiction eye shadow that Risa is using, and it looks really pretty! 

Some dreamy girl makeup and hairstyles here...I really love the one on the top, she even had nail stickers under her eyes (what a cute idea!!).

I saw these Mimilash on some pages and this one here looks quite natural. I don't really wear fake lashes often, but these ones really make your eyes look pretty!

The very last scan I'm going to include is this page with Risa and her current favourite items. As always, she got really good taste! ^^

Thanks for reading guys! I hope these scans gave you some inspirations too :) Spring is always a lovely season, so I'll certainly be looking forward to it (Except we have to wait till September in Australia Arrrrgh!!).

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