Monday, January 30, 2017

菅野結以 Yui Kanno style book "Yuitopia" selective scans

Hi everyone! Maybe some of you already knew, Yui Kanno has been one of my all-time favourite Japanese model. I remember when I first saw her as a Popteen model and I thought, "WOW She's gorgeous!!!"

Today I have selective scans from her style book "Yuitopia" to share with you guys, and I must say this was a really great purchase to allow her fans to get to know her on a more personal level :)

If you like these scans and is interested in purchasing your own copy, please support the original book by clicking HERE.

One thing I'd always love about Yui is her perfect skin! She looks fantastic on the cover :D

The content of this style book is actually quite broad, and it does not solely base on fashion, makeup and hairstyle but also other aspects such as movies, music and books that she likes.

If you can read Japanese, then you can also check out the Q&A section :)

Here are some Spring photos of Yui, I love how they played with the exposure and setting here.

Actually most of the photoshoots inside this book are just as beautiful as these, it almost looks like a fairytale realm.

They have introduced some of the products that Yui uses for her makeup looks.

Here are the steps of a simple and natural look.

She also had a gothic makeup which I thought was absolutely amazing!!

Some of her holy grail makeup products were also introduced here.

Actually I don't think I've used any of those products here but I'm quite interested in no.4.

Some of the hair accessories that she uses which were all beautiful! Can you see the ones from Liz Lisa? Personally I love the fur accessories, they look really cute :)

The next section introduces a lot of different hairstyles, they are actually pretty simple ones.

I would love to try this hairstyle someday ^^

There's something really fascinating about wavy hair and big bow accessories, it's so girly and adorable ^^

LOL interested in dessert? Yui even talked about some of her favourite ice cream here!

Yui has shown her morning and night routine here for those who are interested in skincare.

There is also a Nail art section which featured some of the nail designs she had, and some of them were really pretty.

There was a bigger section based on fashion and styling, and this is definitely my favourite section.

She totally rocked the red one piece x black jacket look!! I think the cool part about Yui's style is that she knew exactly how to balance the outfit perfectly (and the fact she looks good with everything and anything LOL). I absolutely love everything here on this page!!

These are probably my favourite pages out of the whole book as we get a peek at some of the fashion items in Yui's closet.

I feel there was a really good balance there with sweetness and coolness. Some of her clothes are actually quite mature with a hint of sexiness :)

I quite like these styles too, especially the first one inwhich she looked like an angel haha.

For those of you who may not know, she actually created this fashion brand called "Crayme". Personally I haven't bought anything from Crayme yet, but I am indeed very interested in the style. The pricing is about mid-high range, and I find their style is quite close to Larme-kei.

They also shown some of the movies, books, and music that Yui likes/recommends. Oh and by the way, doesn't she look SO GOOD HERE???? So wild and full of mischief ;)

I also love this photoshoot! Yui looks just as gorgeous with punk style!

They had a summary of the collaborations that Yui has done in the past with different brands. To this date I still regret not getting some of the Yui Kanno x Liz Lisa collaboration items LOL.

Yesssss! For those of you who have known her for awhile, she was actually a Popteen model. This typical Gal photo of her is really beautiful...ahhh the memories haha I still remember her with heavy eyeliners and dolly fake eyelashes in the early years.

Nowadays she is a model in Larme magazine, and I find her style has matured quite abit from Popteen days.

Here are some of the Larme issues which featured her, and I think I love the dark punk look on her the best, but also the casual looks.

If you are a fan of Yui Kanno, I'd highly recommend this book as it really shown a wide range of topics related to her. She is such a beautiful and hard working individual which I knew I would forever adore her. I'm glad I got this book and was able to share it with all of you, hope you guys enjoyed reading!

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  1. The book looks like it has a lot of content! I like how it seems like an up to date history of Yui Kanno as well. ^^

    1. Yea it does :D I do recommend it! It's nice to see how Yui's style developed over the years too :)