Sunday, February 12, 2017

Rose Marie Seoir Girl's Rule book selective scans

Hello everyone! Recently I've purchased this "Rose Marie Seoir'' girl's rule book, and I thought I'd share a small selection of scans with you guys for inspiration!

If you are interested, please do support the original book by purchasing it HERE.

This book came with a black satin bag as a gift, and there were gold prints of a cat, heels and ribbon logo on it. Being honest here, the bag was the main reason I've ordered this book LOL. I have been absolutely in love with black colour lately and I thought I'd add some more black bags in the wardrobe ^^

The book itself is not really thick, but had enough content to keep me interested. I really love looking at lists these days, ie. fashion tips, list of holy grail items, travel destinations etc. This one here had 13 topics that covered pretty much everything a girl is interested in, ie. fashion, beauty, bath goods, bags, accessories, shoes, nails, room decoration etc. 

The first couple of pages had different outfits, and I was drawn into this one here in particular :D 

Rule number 3 started here...where I saw a page depicting some of the items in a girl's bag. I actually really loved that handkerchief!! >0<

I thought I'd share this page which covered accessories, nails and shoes. These 3 sections introduced some really pretty items and designs from a wide range of brands...oh how I wish I could have them all LOL.

Here's a random page with some beautiful dresses, I think I quite liked number 5.

Like all styling books, there's got to be a section based on beauty products. Sometimes I get really tempted to try out new products just by reading about I the only one here? Haha.

Here are some bath goods even though I normally don't pay too much attention on these...but I have been wanting to try Jill Stuart's bath goods for agessss, now looking at this just reminded me to get them somehow...someday LOL. 

Here's one of my favourite page out of this book, which had a selection of little black dresses! I think I actually liked all of them >0<

Towards the end of the book, I found a whole section based on travel OMG. I love travelling and reading about other people's travel experiences, and I thought it was really nice that they included this section in the book. There were multiple photos for each country listed here, and I really enjoyed reading through them one by one.

The last page had a box attached with the gift inside it. From here you can see that the bag could actually be turned inside out, which revealed another pattern of bears, cherries and multiple words of "lolita". The bag itself is quite big so probably would be good for shopping? It can be tightenedd with the big ribbon on the front of the bag, which makes it pretty easy to access.

Product link:
Rose Marie Seoir Girl's Rule book

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