Thursday, March 23, 2017

Honey Mi Honey 10th Anniversary book - 2 way Boston bag review

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I updated this blog but here I am again!! ^^ Today I'd like to review this 2-way Boston bag I got from the "Honey Mi Honey" 10th Anniversary book. Honey Mi Honey has been a Japanese brand that I always had my eyes on, as they appeared many times in Larme magazines. I really love the style designs and desperately wanting to go to its cafe in Tokyo someday ^^

When I first saw a photo of this bag, I fell in love with its simple and convenient design and thought it would be a good travel bag. It came in a box as shown on the picture above, along with a Honey Mi Honey catalog for some of the newest items in store (about 10 pages). 

Here's a picture with the catalog ^^
(NB: I mainly wanted to do a quick review of the Boston bag, so there won't be any scan of the catalog)

The bag itself is in black color, made in fabric material and came in a decent size of 50 x 34 x 19cm. The straps (shoulder strap is adjustable) came in black color and white writing of the brand name. Here's a front view of the bag, and there was a small zip pocket in the front (which will be explained later in this post).

Here's a back view of the bag, in the middle we have the middle component which allows it to be attached to a luggage handle (will show later in this post).

Here's what it looked like inside, and it came in double zippers. There were no additional compartments inside the bag, but it has a pretty good amount of room.

On the back of the packaging, there were different points of the bag itself and instructions on how to fold the bag into a small pouch.

So we open up the small zip pocket at the front of the bag first...and here it goes LOL.

The instructions are quite easy to follow, and just keep in mind the pocket itself is reversible in the last few steps. Once you folded everything in, you just simply zip it up.

TA-DA!!! It turned out to be pretty much the size of a cosmetic pouch. I find this very useful and convenient as it would save so much space if you needed. 

Lastly, you can attach this bag to the handle of your luggage as well...which ofcourse saves you from carrying it on its own :D

I absolutely fell in love with this bag and I think it's a pretty cool idea for Honey Mi Honey's 10th Anniversary release. The only thing I have to see now is the durability of this the material seems a little thinner than usual bags, it's hard to say how it would turn out after travelling. I do however, only intend to use this as carry-on bag so it won't go through much rough surface :) Shall see how it goes...Though overall I'm still very happy about this bag, and it would be a stylish everyday bag too :)

Thanks for reading guys! If you are interested in this then you can get your own in the link down below too ^^

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  1. The bag looks super cool - It would make a great for travel because you can make it smaller if your not using it. Great buy!

    1. Yep!!! That compact version attracted me to this bag, can't wait to actually use it :D