Sunday, May 7, 2017

Dirty Janes Bowral - Antique market and Tea Salon (May 2017 Bowral NSW trip)

A little while ago, we have just reached Autumn/Fall season here in Australia and thus we decided to go on a short family trip to Bowral. This peaceful town was actually closer than we thought, at only about 1.5 hour drive from Sydney. While we were there to enjoy the Autumn colors, we thought we might as well visit "Dirty Janes" to explore the Antique market and have high tea there.

Dirty Janes looked very welcoming, as it was full of green plants at the outdoor entrance area. Places like this reminded me of "Grounds of Alexandria" back in Sydney, with a beautiful garden and occasional scent of a cup of coffee or freshly baked breads from a nearby cafe.

When we walked inside, I was absolutely blown away with the stalls presented in front of us. From vintage furniture to cameras, and gorgeous treasures here and there, I really wish I could've bought everything home.

These beautiful home wares deserves our 100% attention, and we were particularly interested in the Coca Cola sign.

I may not be able to collect vintage cameras but I certainly LOVE to look at them! It was amazing to see a huge collection there along with some of the extremely precious ones from decades ago.

The Antique market is definitely highly recommended for all the vintage lovers! We enjoyed walking around this indoor maze and being mesmerized by everything we saw.

It didn't take long for us to find this small entrance to the Tea Salon there, and fortunately we made a booking as this place was absolutely full (It was on a Monday afternoon too)!

I had a quick glance at the interior and my eyes were completely locked on this side of the wall. There were so many vintage posters, framed and adjusted neatly onto the wall. At this stage I was telling my hubby of how this would be my dream (LOL) and how much I regret not buying more posters back in Paris. I especially love old film posters, such as "Breakfast at Tiffany's".

I ended up picking "Princess Belle" (Beauty and Beast anyone?) and hubby picked "Queen of hearts" as our tea. My one had a strong peachy scent with tiny hints of rose petals, it was such an amazing tea. My hubby's one had a relatively lighter scent, and it was mainly a pleasant lemon flavour.

Before we arrived here, we actually didn't know what to expect of their high tea. When the staff brought our sets over, I quickly started taking that first bite on the sandwiches and little savories (always been my favourite section) and OH-MY-GOD they were good! But hold on...that's not the best part! We had one classic and one white chocolate/cinnamon (flavor of the day) scones, along with fresh cream and jam. Hands up they were the best scones I've ever had and hubby totally agreed too! Not to mention how amazing the cream was, and I could've sat there all day just inhaling them LOL. We really loved the sweets on the top section as well, they had brownie, panna cotta, lemon tart and tiny cupcakes (Check out their full menu HERE).

We absolutely loved Dirty Janes and I'd recommend a visit if anyone ever decide to visit Bowral. It was somewhere different to what we used to see in everyday lives, and somewhere that transfer you back in time.

Opening hours:
7 days 10am - 5pm (High tea 10am - 4pm)
13 Banyette St, Bowral NSW
Phone number:
02 4862 1522 (Tea Salon)

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